Development of scientific insight in younger generation is foremost requirement in today’s knowledge era. So there is a need on our part to provide them opportunities for their rise by inculcating scientific/behavioral outlook, overall cognitive and socio-emotional development in their imprinting stage.

        Digital India has been envisioned as an ambitious umbrella program to transform India in to digitally empowered society and knowledge economy by introduction of e-education, e-basta, Nand Ghar etc. It will provide educational facilities including smart phones, mobile apps and internet service in far-flung areas where physical presence of teachers is not possible. To achieve this mission, parents can play an important role but they find it difficult in today's scenario. So to help them we have designed a digital platform "www.kidsprojects.in" which will act as a bridge between children and parents.

             It has been designed in such way that it can easily make them understand day to day observations through scientific approach. Besides providing digital platform, our team visits both rural and urban area to get contribution of younger generation by tasking them to make some working scientific model with the help of their parents/teachers. These working models are displayed at our exhibition and our jury declares best entries. The winning models are rewarded suitably and their videos are uploaded on our website as per the different level of educational standard to help other children. In the said mission, contribution of all stakeholders is required to make our generation more self-reliant and country to make truly digital.