Our Aim

Kids are required to be nurtured amicably with developing insight of scientific temperament in them, as demanded by knowledge era of 21st century. We are presently residing in the globalized world where distance does not matter which bring us closer to each other in every sphere of human endurance and intellect.

In such scenario, a greater responsibility, as well as accountability, lies with us to sustainably caring our future generation with providing the opportunities to excel them to get their ultimate future goals by inculcating scientific/ behavioural outlook in them in their imprinting stage of early childhood. In such mission, parents can come forward but they find it difficult to do so, since both the parents are working without having spare time for their child. Here comes our mission, in which we want to contribute in digital India Mission by contributing a website to provide digital platform to Rurban primary level student. We are striving hard to lessen the hurdles in early childhood development.

Our website www.kidsprojects.in , is designed to inculcate scientific insight and outlook in kids to understand day to day observation through scientific approach. To ensure the contribution of students, our team would visit physically to both urban and rural educational institutions and task the students to make some working model with help of their parents/teacher. The working model will be recorded & posted on our website and best entries would be rewarded suitably. In this mission we require help from all stakeholders to make, our generation more self-reliant and country to make truly digital.