Bio Gas Plant

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Shreyas Chikurte of Global Sainik Academy Bidar

Materials required: Two plastic bottles, rubber tubes, house (made using cardboards and thermocol), lights, battery.
Principle: “Generation of biogas using biodegradable wastes”
The waste can be classified into biodegradable, non-biodegradable and biomedical wastes. The biodegradable wastes are considered to generate biogas is because it is broken down into simpler forms and don’t leave any remains on the earth’s surface. The gas thus generated in a biogas plant is used as a fuel in- Filling the cooking cylinders, running the vehicles. The gas is converted into electricity by the power house. The waste left out in biogas plant is slurry, which is transferred into a separate unit. This slurry is very good organic fertilizer to grow crops.
Conclusion: Avoid generating the non-biodegradable waste because these wastes cannot be broken into simpler forms in nature instead, remains on the earth’s surface forever.


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